'Wild West Frontier Babies' series

Wild West Frontier Babies series:

(Historical Western Romance)

Book Description:
To inherit his father's money, Jack Southwell must be the first of his brothers to marry. Jack's thoughts drift to Daisy, the woman he rejected. She had written to him saying that she was to have his child. Not believing her, he failed to reply. What if her words had been true? 
Realizing that it is the only way she can keep her baby, Daisy agrees to a marriage in name only. As the weeks pass, Daisy realizes there are more secrets that Jack is keeping from her. Why is it that the harder she tries to get closer, the more he pushes her away? Daisy determines to find out why Jack is so secretive and will stop at nothing to uncover the truth. 
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(Historical Western Romance)

Book Description:
A fatal accident robs Jane of her two best friends, Leah and Leah's husband. Leah's brother, Max, steps in to raise their baby, Sophia. 
Knowing that Max is a busy single man who runs a business, Jane puts her dislike of him aside and offers her services as nursemaid. 
Max begins to see her as more than the baby's nursemaid. Jane considers that marrying him would be a good way to secure her future with Sophia.  
But what would happen if she confessed her secret to Max? 
Would Max see Jane as good wife material if he ever found out that the baby he thinks is his niece is no relation at all?
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