'Western Mail Order Brides' Series

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Book 1 in the Western Mail Order Brides series
Book Description:
On a whim, Leah Morgan left Chicago and bought a train ticket for Dodge City.
She'd often heard that there were opportunities in the West, and she was determined to have a better life.
Widower, Austin Wright, knew he'd never love again; however, he needed a mother for his cherished, one year old daughter, Violet.
He'd been writing to a woman who had agreed to marry him.
When Austin saw Leah at the train station she fitted the description of his future bride.
Leah, attracted to the man who has obviously mistaken her for someone else, did nothing to correct the error.
Days pass, and Leah knows she should confess her wrongdoing and leave, but can she, now that she has developed strong feelings for him?
Austin is overjoyed with his bride-to-be, but he had stated in his advertisement for a bride that he wanted a Godly, truthful woman. What will he do when the truth about Leah is revealed?

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A clean, Historical Western Romance:
Mail Order Bride: Second Choice
Book 2 in the Western Mail Order Brides series
Book Description
Josie was pleased to be heading to Dodge City to marry James. They had only been corresponding for a short time, but Josie knew it was right.
Brock Wright, James' brooding brother, met Josie at the train station.
Josie was immediately attracted to Brock and was delighted to find out that he was single, but knew she must put him out of her mind and concentrate on her husband-to-be.
Things fall into disarray when James's previous girlfriend returns, expecting to marry James.
Josie is devastated as she had come a long way to be married and create a new life.
James is faced with the fact that he has asked two girls to marry him.
What solution will Brock find to ensure that Josie can still get married?
Will Josie find out why Brock is so distant and hostile toward her?
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Book 3 in the Western Mail Order Brides series

Book Description: 
When Catherine learns that her brother has been killed, the only thing on her mind is vengeance. When she receives an anonymous letter naming Hank Wright as the killer, she wastes no time in seeking revenge. Lady luck plays into her hands when Hank Wright advertises for a bride. After an exchange of letters, Hank asks Catherine to take the journey to Dodge City where they will be married. Catherine accepts his proposal and comes up with a plan to avenge her brother's death.
Will Catherine go ahead with her plan when she hears different accounts of what happened the day her brother died? Or will the revenge in her heart blind her to the truth that is before her?
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(Western Romance)
Book 4 Western Mail Order Brides

Book Description:
Tired of his mother constantly nagging him to marry, Dustin Wright knew there was only one thing to do. He'd find a wife that his mother would not approve of. That would serve her right for constantly meddling! When he picked up one of the Matrimonial News issues that his mother left lying around, his eyes fell on the words 'expecting a child,' Dustin knew he'd found his future wife. Not only would his mother be annoyed that the unborn child was not a relative, but he could also carry on with the life he'd been living while his new wife was busy with the child.
Charity was recovering from the sudden death of her husband. With little money and no prospects, Charity hoped to move West. She placed an advertisement for a husband, and prayed that a kind, mature man that both she and her unborn child could rely upon, would reply.
How long after moving to Dodge City will Charity realize what Dustin is up to?
What will Dustin do when his plan begins to unravel? Why is it that his mother now seems taken with Charity after a rocky start?
Could Dustin have met his match in more ways than one?

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Book Description:
Dr. Calvin Wright longed to be married and start a family as his brothers had.
After corresponding with Marcie Myers for some time, he was certain he'd found someone dear, and he asked her to move to Dodge City and marry him.
When Marcie arrives weeks later, Calvin's nurse, Lucy, is shocked to overhear Marcie tell Calvin that he is a 'cripple.'
Calvin assures her that his slight limp does not make him a cripple.
Marcie makes no secret of the fact that she's dissatisfied with everything around her.
Nothing is how she expected it to be, including Calvin. Money and a good lifestyle is what she expects, and she lets everyone know that nothing is as good as it was in San Francisco.
The more Calvin listens to Marcie's whining, the more he's drawn to his quiet nurse, Lucy.
What will Calvin do when he realizes he can't live with Marcie's constant demands for attention?
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