'Expectant Amish Widows' series

Book 1

Newly widowed Amish woman, Anita Graber, has returned to live with her brother and his family in Lancaster County. As an expectant widow, she is quite surprised when everyone from the bishop's wife to her brother decides that her baby needs a father. Anita endures many embarrassing moments as she's forced into one awkward situation after another. Even though another man is the last thing on her mind, she finds a friend in her sister-in-law's brother, Simon. Anita wonders why everyone has rejected Simon as a suitable match for her. 
Will Anita finally convince everyone that she and her baby are happy on their own? 
Could the man that no one sees her with, be the very man who eventually captures her heart? 

Book 2

After her husband's death, Grace Stevens returns to her family and her Amish community. She'd suffered through an abusive marriage and wanted nothing more than to be baptized into the Amish faith and begin a new life. 
Grace finds it impossible to put the past behind her when Marlene, the woman who caused her to leave the community, was now living in Grace's family home and married to Grace's brother. 
More friction occurs between the women when Grace discovers that she's five months pregnant. As Marlene is childless after four years of marriage, she spirals further into depression. 
When Grace learns that the man she nearly married is still single, she wonders if they might rekindle what they once had, but her hopes fade when she learns she's not the only woman interested in him. 
Can Grace come to terms with having her late husband's baby, forgive Marlene enough to comfort her, and secure the love of the man she once loved so dearly? 

Book 3

With her baby only weeks away from being born, Deborah is skilfully avoiding her sister Emily's attempts to match her with someone totally unsuitable. When Emily realizes that Deborah is not interested in the man she chose for her, Emily finds a replacement and throws herself into ensuring that a wedding will take place. 
Will Emily be so busy matching others that she cannot see that her own perfect match is right under her nose? Will a visit from a stranger cause Deborah to see that it might be possible to love twice in one lifetime? 
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Book 4 

As Mr. and Mrs. Stauffer mourn the death of their son, Simon, who died during his rumspringa, Bree Fortsworth knocks on their door and announces she is having Simon's baby. 
Bree explains she has nowhere else to go and asks if she can stay with them. After they agree to her request she has another and the Stauffers are surprised when Bree wants them to adopt the baby. 
After Bree has been staying with the Stauffer family for some weeks, Simon's brother Andrew doubts what Bree is telling his parents and confronts her with his suspicions. 
What will Andrew do when he finds out Bree's secrets? 
Will Bree's and Mr. and Mrs. Stauffer’s plans be thrown into doubt after another unexpected visitor knocks on their door? 

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 Book 5
Amish Widow's Proposal

Amish woman, Evelyn King, had spent years being disappointed in her husband and her marriage. When Evelyn's husband died, leaving her pregnant and with a three-year-old daughter, she is faced with many problems including a house in ill-repair. When the quiet and kind Hezekiah Hostetler suddenly proposes, Evelyn knows this will solve all her problems as Hezekiah is nothing like her late husband. While pondering on his proposal, a handsome new man visits the community and offers to fix her house. 
Can Evelyn put the bitter memories of her past marriage behind her? Or will her fear of abandonment cause her to jump into another unsuitable marriage? 

The Pregnant Amish Nanny 
Expectant Amish Widows Book 6

When Amish woman Courtney Willis is left widowed and expecting a baby, she moves to a larger community in hopes of finding a job and a new life. Courtney is delighted to receive a job as a nanny to an Amish widower who has three unruly children. 
Aaron's wife died a year ago, and he soon learned it was impossible to hold down his farming responsibilities and look after three children and a household. He's overjoyed when his aunt writes to him letting him know that a suitable Amish woman is on her way. The nanny Aaron pictured was not the one who arrived. He was disturbed to see that Courtney was expecting a child. 
Will Courtney be able to persuade Aaron that she'll be able to do it all despite the fact that she will soon have another child to look after? 
Can Aaron and Courtney find common ground and resolve their differences before the arrival of Courtney's baby? 
Things grow worse for Courtney with the arrival of Willa, Aaron's sister-in-law, who does all she can to discredit Courtney. 
When Courtney's feelings for Aaron start to develop, what will she do when she discovers that Willa is hatching a plot to capture Aaron's heart? 

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A Pregnant Widow's Amish Vacation

When advertising executive, Jane Walker, finds herself widowed and expecting her first child, she sinks into a severe depression. Her boss and co-workers surprise her with a vacation, forcing her from the safety of her office. She's too embarrassed to tell anyone her late husband was leaving her for another woman when he was killed in the accident. When Jane arrives at the vacation destination, she's most upset to find that the B&B is run by an Amish family. Jane meets the family's son, Zac, a widower with a young child, and takes an immediate dislike to him. Why does Jane have a grudge against the Amish? What will Jane discover about Zac that will forever link them together? 

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The Amish Firefighter's Widow

When Amish woman Katie's volunteer firefighter husband dies while in the line of duty, she is heartbroken. Not only have her two young sons lost their father, but the child she is carrying will never know him. Her husband's best friend, Mark, steps in to take care of Katie and her children. Many months pass and Mark is offered an opportunity away from Lancaster County. Not wanting to leave Katie and the children behind, he makes his feelings known. Katie tells Mark she would never marry again, and if she did, it would never be to another firefighter. Katie urges him to take the job. Months turn into years before Katie realizes that she has made a terrible mistake. 
When Mark finally returns, will Katie find that she's left things too late? 

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Cassandra Yoder was a girl who never wanted to follow the rules. Soon after Cassandra's boyfriend finds out she’s pregnant, he leaves her alone on rumspringa and returns to their Amish community. Not long after, he is killed in a shooting. Cassandra considers she has no choice but to return home. When her parents find out she’s pregnant, the only solution is to send her to Aunt Maud who will help her find a couple to adopt the baby. When Cassandra meets Reuben, a handsome Amish man, at Aunt Maud’s house, she begins to change her mind about many things, including her plans for the baby. 
What happens to make Cassandra’s new plans come crashing about her? 
What will Reuben think when he discovers that Cassandra has lied to him about the real reason she's staying at her aunt’s? 
With time running out, can Cassandra find a way to keep her baby and the Amish man she's grown to love? 

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Book 10

The Middle-Aged Amish Widow

The day expectant Amish widow, Sarah Hersler, buried her husband, her estranged mother landed on her doorstep announcing she was there to be taken care of in her old age. 
With no energy to argue, Sarah agreed to travel to Ohio to sell her mother's house. When she finds the house in need of repair, she meets builder Isaac King, a widower. 
Sarah finds that she has many things in common with Isaac and the pair quickly strike up a friendship. Her late husband's lingering illness had left Sarah lonely long before he faded away. 
Sarah is soon to find out that a second marriage is the last thing on Isaac's mind. 
When Sarah goes back home, can she find happiness with her demanding mother under her feet? 
How will Sarah cope when the baby is born having had so little time to prepare? 
What happens when Sarah's mother cooks up a scheme to have Isaac visit them in Lancaster County? 

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Amish Widow's Escape

After Bridget Logan learns about the death of her husband in Afghanistan, she returns to live close to her parents. Within hours of her arrival, she knows she has to move on, but where to? 
Believing she'll find peace close to the Amish, she leases a cabin on an Amish farm for three months. Things take another drastic turn when she discovers that she's pregnant. Bridget is befriended by Ruth, the Amish lady who owns the cabin. 
When Ruth finds out that Bridget is a graphic designer, she volunteers Bridget's services to confirmed Amish bachelor, Dan Lindenlaub. It's not long before Bridget is working closely with Dan on his project.
Determined to make a good life for her future child, Bridget gives herself a time limit to face her challenges and make some long-term decisions. 
Despite knowing that a relationship between Dan and herself would never work, she can't stop her growing feelings for him. 
Bridget discovers that Dan has secrets and might not be the man he seems. 
Can Bridget find a place she can finally call home? 
Will Bridget's brief experience amongst the Amish people change her life forever?

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Each book in the Expectant Amish Widows series is a stand-alone read. 
Widowed and pregnant Amish woman, Sarah Kurtz, is in dire financial circumstances. Relief comes unexpectedly when her late uncle leaves her his income-producing farm in Sugarcreek. 
After Sarah's baby is born, she leaves Lancaster County and moves to her new home, unaware there is a long-term tenant living in the adjoining grossdaddi haus.
When she meets her disagreeable neighbor, Joshua Byler, her irritation with him is softened by his two children. 
Not wanting her daughter to be raised with one parent and no siblings as she was, Sarah knows the only solution is to marry again. 
With Christmas looming, will Sarah find her prayers are answered?
Or will she let Joshua Byler stand in her way of happiness?

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Book 13 Expectant Amish Widows

Isla and Benjamin left the Amish long ago. After they decided to get married, they planned to go back home and raise their children in the safety of the Amish community.
Weeks before their wedding, a tragic accident caused Isla to return to the Amish alone. 
Through the help of her family, she plans a new life, struggling with the guilt that the accident was her fault. 
When Isla learns she is pregnant with Benjamin's child, she is further upset that nothing has turned out how she planned.
How will Isla tell Benjamin's family about the baby when they haven't spoken to her since her return?
Will Isla be able to embrace her new life in time for the baby's arrival? 

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Book 14 Expectant Amish Widows

Amish woman, Hannah Fisher, had long regretted the hasty marriage in her youth to her grim husband many years her senior.
When a lightning strike takes his life, Hannah is plagued with guilt over being free and devastated that their soon-to-be-born child will have no father. While wanting the best for her baby, Hannah is determined to marry for love the second time.
Ideally, she'll marry fast so her baby can bond with both parents.
Her sole hope lies with childhood friend, Levi King.
When she finds out Levi intends to marry Lizzy Weaver, a woman he met while visiting Ohio, her dreams come crashing down.
Hannah thought her life depressing enough, but things get worse when the bishop suggests she host Lizzy until Lizzy's wedding to Levi.
Will Hannah ever find that one true love?
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Book #15 Expectant Amish Widows

Faye Kirkdale heard her husband come home. When he didn't come inside, she went out to look for him and found him slumped over in his buggy, dead. Instantly, she knew he'd been murdered.
When Faye takes over the reins of her husband's successful door business, everyone tells her a woman can't do what she's taken on. Faye is determined to prove them all wrong.
Soon, Faye is in fear for her own life. When she finds out she is pregnant, she has more reason to keep herself out of harm's way.
When evidence is planted, Faye becomes a suspect in her husband's murder.
Will Faye suffer the same fate as her husband, or will she solve the murder against the odds stacked against her?

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