'Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries' series

Book 1 

After Ettie Smith's friend, Agatha, dies, Ettie is surprised to find that Agatha has left her a house. During building repairs, the body of an Amish man who disappeared forty years earlier is discovered under the floorboards. When it comes to light that Agatha and the deceased man were once engaged to marry, the police declare Agatha as the murderer.
Ettie sets out to prove otherwise.
Soon Ettie hears rumours of stolen diamonds, rival criminal gangs, and a supposed witness to the true murderer's confession.
When Ettie discovers a key, she is certain it holds the answers she is looking for.
Will the detective listen to Ettie's theories when he sees that the key belongs to a safe deposit box?

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Book 2 

When a former Amish woman, Camille Esh, is murdered, the new detective in town is frustrated that no one in the Amish community will speak to him. The detective reluctantly turns to Ettie Smith for help. Soon after Ettie agrees to see what she can find out, the dead woman's brother, Jacob, is arrested for the murder. To prove Jacob's innocence, Ettie delves into the mysterious and secretive life of Camille Esh, and uncovers one secret after another.
Will Ettie be able to find proof that Jacob is innocent, even though the police have DNA evidence against him, and documentation that proves he's guilty?
Can Ettie uncover the real murderer amongst the many people who had reasons to want Camille dead?

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Book 3

When Ettie has problems with her bread sinking in the middle, she turns to her friend, Ruth Fuller, who owns the largest Bakery in town. 
When Ruth and Ettie discover a dead man in Ruth's Bakery with a knife in his back, Ruth is convinced the man was out to steal her bread recipe. 
It was known that the victim, Alan Avery, was one of the three men who were desperate to get their hands on Ruth's bread secrets. 
When it's revealed that Avery owed money all over town, the local detective believes he was after the large amount of cash that Ruth banks weekly. 
Why was Alan Avery found with a Bible clutched in his hand? And what did it have to do with a man who was pushed down a ravine twenty years earlier? 

Book 4 

Elderly Amish woman, Ettie Smith, finds a body outside her house. Everything Ettie thought she knew about the victim is turned upside down when she learns the dead woman was living a secret life. As the dead woman had been wearing an engagement ring worth close to a million dollars, the police must figure out whether this was a robbery gone wrong. When an Amish man falls under suspicion, Ettie has no choice but to find the real killer.
What information about the victim is Detective Kelly keeping from Ettie?
When every suspect appears to have a solid alibi, will Ettie be able to find out who murdered the woman, or will the Amish man be charged over the murder?

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Book 5

Amish woman, Bethany Parker, finally realizes her dream of opening her own quilt shop. Yet only days after the grand opening, when she invites Ettie Smith to see her store, they discover the body of a murdered man.
At first, Bethany is concerned that the man is strangely familiar to her, but soon she has more pressing worries when she discovers her life is in danger.
Bethany had always been able to rely on her friend, Jabez, but what are his true intentions toward her?

Book 6
Amish Baby Mystery

Ettie and her sister, Elsa-May, find an abandoned baby boy wrapped in an Amish quilt on their doorstep. Ettie searches for clues as to the baby's identity and finds a letter In the folds of the quilt. The letter warns that if they don't keep the baby hidden, his life will be in danger. 
When the retired Detective Crowley stumbles onto their secret, they know they need to find the baby's mother fast. 
Will Ettie and Elsa-May be able to keep the baby safe and reunite him with his parents before it's too late? 
What does the baby have to do with a cold case kidnapping that happened years before? 

BETRAYED - Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries Book 7
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When Amish woman, Paula Peters, is brutally attacked and left for dead, Detective Kelly requests that elderly Ettie Smith and her sister, Elsa-May, ask questions within their Amish community.
The detective arrests a local woman for the attack, but Ettie and Elsa-May suspect that she has been framed.
When they discover that the woman's husband, Cameron George, is Paula's former boss, they are more than certain they're right.
The problem is, Cameron is a former police officer, and Detective Kelly insists that Ettie is wrong about him.
When Detective Kelly finally concedes that the woman might have been framed, he turns his suspicions to a young Amish man.
Can Ettie and Elsa-May find evidence that Cameron has framed his wife before Kelly arrests another innocent person for the crime?
Will Paula wake up and identify the person responsible for assaulting her?

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Book 8 in the Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries is Out Now!

Florence Lapp's house has burned down, and her gun is missing. She learns that Dustin, a young man she knows, has been accused of murder and her gun has been found in his car.
Small things don't add up, and Florence believes the young man is innocent. Suspecting that her young friend has been framed, she turns to her sisters, Ettie and Elsa-May, for help.
Spurred on by the announcement that Florence is staying at their house until the case is solved, Ettie and Elsa-May hurry to find the truth.
Dustin says that he had no knowledge of a gun and didn't know the murdered girl.
Ettie begins to wonder if Florence's judgment might be swayed by the fact that many years ago she had a close association with Dustin's grandfather.
How will Ettie help prove Dustin is innocent when all the evidence, including the DNA evidence, proves otherwise?
(This book is also available in paperback).

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Book 9 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries

Amish man, Thomas Strongberg, had fallen off a ladder and is found on the floor of the family barn. After another man is found dead in the same barn, the police begin investigating Thomas' death as a murder rather than an accident.
Thea Hersh was there on the day Thomas died and heard him have a disagreement with an Englischer. When Thea enlists the help of her friend, Austin, to investigate Thomas's death, they are arrested and thrown in jail.
From her prison cell, Thea refuses to talk to anyone, but Ettie Smith.
Can Ettie discover the mystery of the strange lights in the Strongberg barn at night? Were they related to the murders?
Ettie finds that Thomas had a huge secret, and more than one person would benefit from his death. Will she find the real killer in time to save Thea and her friend from long prison sentences?

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Book 10 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries

Elderly Amish widows, Ettie and her sister, Elsa-May, settle down for a comfortable Christmas night not knowing they're in for a surprise.
One by one guests arrive claiming they've been invited to a 'Christmas dinner they'll never forget.'
Among the guests are Ettie's estranged daughter, Myra, and the retired Detective Crowley.
When a man is found dead in the widows' front yard, Crowley immediately takes over and determines that the man has been murdered.
Myra recognizes the dead man as her enemy, Earl Fuller. Crowley soon learns that two more people in the house wanted Earl out of the way.
Can Ettie and Elsa-May find out who sent out those Christmas invitations?
Will the sisters be able to find the real killer and prove that Myra had nothing to do with the man's death?
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Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries Book #11

When former Amish man, Uncle Alfie, is found dead, the police are convinced his missing nephew, Jazeel, has murdered him and is on the run.
The woman who was hoping to marry Jazeel turns to Ettie Smith for help.
Ettie soon finds herself unravelling lies, reasons for revenge, and ulterior motives, and they're just from Uncle Alfie's family.
When Jazeel surfaces, he's got some interesting information that will throw new light on the investigation.
Will Ettie discover who killed Uncle Alfie when she's contending with a secretive housekeeper, a hostile rescue cat, and a nosey neighbor?

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Book #12

When Ettie Smith stumbles across some bones in a field, the local detective believes she knows the truth behind the man's murder. In her efforts to prove to him that she knows nothing, Ettie is led to Amish woman, Gertie, and her menacing neighbor. Gertie shares with her a shocking tale of two other murders that were deemed 'accidents.' Ettie dismisses the story as nothing more than Gertie's vivid imagination until Gertie goes missing.

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Book #13

When an Amish apple grower dies while Florence Lapp is visiting him, Florence knows his death was not due to natural causes.
Moments before his death, he told Florence that people wanted to kill him. Furthermore, he stated that if he died and it looked like an accident, it wouldn't be.
Even though at the time Florence thought he was being silly, she finally agreed that if he died, she would have his death investigated. Minutes later, he was dead.
When his death is said to be due to heart problems, and the police dismiss her claims, Florence turns to her sister, Ettie Smith, for help.

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Book #14 

Amish man, Titus Graber, is found dead sitting at his table with a crossword puzzle. Not knowing if foul play is involved or not, Ettie Smith's brain goes into high gear.
When the police declare that the Amish man was murdered, Ettie becomes convinced that the answer can be found in one of the crossword puzzles Titus loved to create.
Had Titus known he was about to be killed, or was a clue left there as a taunt from the killer himself?
Could the answer be literally staring Ettie in the face?

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Elderly Amish widow, Ettie Smith, is shocked when her estranged daughter, Myra, suddenly reappears and announces she is accused of murder. Certain her daughter had nothing to do with the crime, Ettie and her sister set out to solve the mystery of who killed Ian Carter.
Ettie's investigations take a suspenseful turn when she discovers many people, including her daughter, stood to benefit from Ian's death.
Just when Ettie thinks she is close to discovering the real murderer, things take a turn for the worse.
Can Ettie sift through the secrets and the lies to clear Myra's name before it's too late?

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Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries Book #16

Selena Lehman inherits a house from her estranged Amish grandfather and visits to take a look. When she sees it's not being cared for, she confronts the caretaker, John Yoder. The condition of the house falls to a low priority when she learns her grandfather died in prison after admitting to murder. Convinced there's more to this story, she finds her way to Ettie Smith's doorstep. Soon, Selena finds everything she knows to be true about her life is a lie. Can Ettie help Selena unravel the secrets and clear her grandfather's name before her straight-laced lawyer fiance discovers her grandfather was a common criminal?

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