'Amish Wedding Season' series

Revamped Series 'Amish Wedding Season'
Impossible Love and all the books in the above series have been rewritten, revamped and re-edited.
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Impossible Love Book Description: 
What will Verity Fisher do when she comes face to face with Reuben King, the man who has doomed her to the life of a lonely spinster? 
Chasing riches, Reuben King left his soon to be bride, Verity, promising to return very soon with a deposit for a home of their own. 
Years pass before Verity faces the fact that Reuben is not coming home. The love in Verity’s heart turns into bitterness as she finds all the Amish men her age have already married. 
What finally draws the successful and very wealthy Reuben back home to the simple ways of the Amish, away from his homes, fast cars and his beautiful English fiancée, Brittany? 
It is clear to Verity that Reuben is the one in the wrong, so why is he so angry with her? 
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Love at First Book Description:
Is love at first sight real? Lilly Schrumb certainly did not believe in love at first sight, until she met Jason Stafford, a stranger staying at a local B&B. 
In the stolen moments they spent together, Jason told Lily stories of his past. 
Lilly is disturbed when his stories conflict, and sets out to discover the real reason behind Jason's stay in Lancaster County. 
As if falling in love with an Englisher wasn't problematic enough, Lilly is also faced with the question of whether Jason loves her, as he says, or whether he is using her for reasons of his own. 
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Faith's Love Book Description:
Faith Fisher is faced with the knowledge that the family restaurant and B&B are in dire financial circumstances. Faith’s mother has been searching to no avail for a way to end their money worries. What will Faith do when she discovers that her mother is plotting to marry her to the wealthy widower, Jakob Lapp? 
Their circumstances go from bad to worse when Faith’s mother brings the unsavory money lender, Richard Black, into their lives. 
Will the shy and quiet Ben Schrumb, the only man Faith has ever loved, grow tired of waiting for Faith while she struggles to free herself of her mother’s unreasonable demands? 
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The Trials of Mrs. Fisher Book Description:
Amish widow, Abigail Fisher, is consumed with anger as she copes not only with the loss of her husband, but his poor business decisions regarding their two family businesses. As she struggles to maintain the businesses financially, Richard Black, the wealthy money lender, comes to her rescue, but is he interested in more than interest payments? Can a humble Amish man capture Abigail's heart when she thinks that money is the only answer to her problems? Is Abigail Fisher able to rid herself of anger and bitterness and see the happiness that is offered to her, before it is too late? 
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A Simple Change Book Description:
Richard Black is a wealthy and successful Englischer who boasts that everything always goes his way. Having spent time amongst the Amish, he makes the decision to return to his Amish roots. Richard considers his trademark luck has not left him when he purchases the old family house at a foreclosure auction. Yet Richard is left to wonder where his luck has gone when a most unfriendly neighbor, the spinster Betsy Baywell, constantly disrupts his quiet life. Betsy insists he has stolen her house and sets out to make every aspect of his life as unpleasant as she possibly can. Will Richard ever find peace in what he thought would be a quiet and simple lifestyle? Or will the feisty Betsy Baywell change his life forever? 
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