"Amish Secret Widows' Society" series

Book 1 in the #1 BEST SELLING "Amish Secret Widows' Society" series "The Amish Widow" 

Newly widowed Amish woman Emma Kurtzler has little time to grieve before she discovers that someone is trying to force her from her farm. 
The man who had the lease on her farm is found murdered shortly after informing Emma of his intention to break the lease.
In an effort to both save her farm and avoid becoming a suspect in the man's murder, Emma sets out to get to the bottom of things. 
Emma befriends a group of Amish Widows and quickly discovers that there is more to these sweet Amish ladies than meets the eye when they willingly help her with her investigations. 
In the midst of Emma's troubles she is drawn to Wil Jacobson, a friendly neighbour, but can she trust this man who is trying his best to win her heart? 

It's another murder to solve for the Amish Secret Widows' Society. 
An elderly Amish man, rumoured to be in the possession of paintings worth millions of dollars, is found poisoned. 
Can the widows find out who killed him before there is another murder? 
Emma Kurtzler is in love with Wil Jacobson but struggles with it being too soon to marry after the death of her husband. 
Meanwhile, Silvie Keim is swept off her feet by Bailey Abler, a mysterious stranger who is staying within the community and proclaims he wants to be Amish. 
What connection does Bailey have to the murdered man that will shock the community? 
What will Silvie do when she discovers Bailey's true identity? 

Meet all the widows again as they endeavour to solve another murder. This time the murder took place some years ago. 
On her aunt's insistence, Amish woman Angela Bontreger has been writing to Robert Geiger. When Angela travels from her small town to meet Robert in person, he denies knowledge of her and the letters. 
As they talk further, Robert tells Angela that his late brother was accused of murder. Angela's aunt Elsa-May and the other widows offer to help Robert clear his brother's name. 
Will Robert see past the tragedies that have plagued his life to realize that he is falling in love with Angela? 
Will Angela go home to her small town without the love of the man she wants?

There is another mystery for the widows to solve. 
This time there is a murder close to home. Silvie's younger sister, Sabrina, has become involved with the millionaire Englisher, Carmello Liante. 
When Carmello is found murdered and Sabrina becomes a suspect, the widows rally around to find the killer. 
In their investigations, they find many people who wanted to see Carmello dead. Even more suspects come to the fore once the benefactors of Carmellos' will are made known. 
In the midst of her grieving Sabrina must decide whether to stay in the Amish community. 
Will Sabrina accept what the bishop proposes she should do to make amends? 
Or will the grieving Sabrina decide to leave the community for good now that her shameful secret is out. 

Wil buys an old house to renovate for Emma and he to live in after they are married. 
What does Emma find in the old house that sends her on a journey to unite lost loves? 
Join the five widows as they endeavour to reunite two people who have been kept apart for over forty years through lies and deceit. 
While Emma is trying to repair another's relationship, is she at risk of letting her own happiness fall by the wayside? 
Emma takes advice from others regarding her relationship, but when she realises her true feelings has she left things too late? 

FBI agent, Bailey Rivers, has thought long and hard about his life.
He has spoken to the bishop and is set to join the Amish community and leave the English world behind. His decision was made easy by his love for the Amish widow, Silvie Kiem. The widows come up with an elaborate plan, and Emma, despite Bailey's warnings, goes undercover in an effort to obtain information on stolen paintings. Will the widows' efforts turn out to be far more dangerous than any of them anticipated? Will Bailey be able to join the Amish community and marry the woman he loves not knowing whether he can close the case that he has been working on for years? click here to view on Amazon

When Silvie visits her sister, Sabrina, at the stables where she works, she stumbles across a dead body. Sabrina's boss, Mr. Caruthers, has been murdered. Trevor, the boss's son, becomes one of the many suspects, and is arrested.  
Mr. Caruthers' other son, the handsome Jamie Caruthers, steps in to run the business. This upsets John Steele, the stable manager. 
Bailey, ex-FBI agent and Sabrina's brother-in-law, is roped in to helping Detective Crowley, but does it prove too much too soon, given his recent breakdown? 
Sabrina knows that Trevor and his father never saw eye to eye, but she doubts Trevor killed his father.  
Sabrina seeks help from her widow friends to discover who really killed her boss, Mr. Caruthers. 
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With his wedding only weeks away, the newly Amish Bailey Rivers is desperate to uncover the terrifying secret that lies buried deep within his mind. 
Bailey keeps his problem from his bride-to-be, Silvie, and enlists the help of the other widows to put the pieces of his past together. Bailey is determined to get to the bottom of the flashes of terrifying memories that haunt his nights. And why will no one tell him the true reason that his grandfather left the Amish so many years ago? When Bailey finally discovers the truth, will it be so troubling that he will wish that he had left things well alone? 
Will he ever be able to bury his past and move ahead with the woman he loves? 

Elderly Amish widow, Ettie, wonders whether trouble follows her. She is in the hospital trying to recover from pneumonia when a lady in the next bed dies a suspicious death. 
The hospital staff try to brush away Ettie's questions, but she knows that the lady was due to leave the hospital that morning. 
Besides that, Ettie remembers a nurse hovering over the woman in the middle of the night. 
The more questions Ettie asks, the more she realizes that things in the hospital are not what they seem. 
Ettie enlists the help of her widow friends to find out why some people die once they have been cleared to leave the hospital. 
Could the hospital authorities be covering up a network of crime? 

One of Ettie’s estranged daughters, Myra, turns up unexpectedly on Ettie’s doorstep. Myra, who ran away from the Amish as a teen, tells Ettie that her husband of ten years, Peter Davis, has disappeared without a trace. When Myra went to file a missing person’s report she found that the person she knew as Peter Davis did not exist. The widows agree to help Ettie’s daughter and enlist the assistance of Detective Crowley. While the widows try to find Peter, they discover that he is involved in a web of secrets affecting the lives of many people. 
Will Myra continue to look for her missing husband even though her life is threatened if she continues? Is this complex case of the missing Peter Davis going to be the one case that the widows and Detective Crowley can’t solve? 

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