"Amish Romance Secrets" series

Book 1 "A Simple Choice" in the #1 BEST SELLING "Amish Romance Secrets" series.

When Kate was 14, the 19 year old Benjamin promised to marry her when she was old enough. 
Yet a few years later, Kate finds that Benjamin has married another Amish woman. Why did the honorable Benjamin go back on his word and marry someone else? 
Kate's faith is shaken, and she vows to leave the Amish as soon as she is able. 
After four years living in the Englisch world, Kate feels neither Amish nor Englisch. 
To make matters worse, living away from the community and away from Benjamin has done nothing to lessen Kate's feelings for him. 
Kate asks God to grant her a husband, yet never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined the way in which this unfolds. 
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Annie is determined to win the handsome Jessie Yoder’s heart. 
The only thing standing in Annie’s way is Liz, a long term house guest of Annie’s family. 
Annie is downcast as Jessie cannot take his eyes off Liz. 
Liz is everything that Annie is not. 
While Annie wears plain clothes and no makeup, Liz wears the latest English fashions and is never seen without makeup or high heels. 
Things go from bad to worse when Liz appears to be returning Jessie’s attentions. 
How can Annie possibly compete with the beautiful Liz to win Jessie’s heart while staying true to her Amish values? 
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When Sarah falls in love with John, an Englisher, she is momentarily drawn away from her faith. When Sarah discovers she is having John’s child, she attempts to hide her shame from the community. 
John professes his love for Sarah through his letters, but when he doesn't send for her as promised, Sarah decides to keep the baby a secret from him. 
She sets out to make a life for herself and her baby. 
Sarah finds out first hand about God’s forgiveness as she sees her life transform in a way she never thought possible. 

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Ephraim has fallen in love with Liz. However, Ephraim’s mother has other ideas and sets about for him to marry Ruth, a good Amish girl. 
Liz is heartbroken and fears that not even returning to the Amish will be enough to win Ephraim’s mother’s approval. Ephraim decides to go against his controlling mother’s wishes, but has he left things too late? 
Ephraim discovers that Liz is being pursued by a handsome, rich doctor. Ephraim fears that even if he is successful in his bid to win Liz, his secret may be enough to lose her forever. 

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True love does not strike twice in one lifetime - that is what fifty three year old Rebecca thought until she met the Amish man, Jeremiah. 
While Rebecca contemplates her baptism and return to the Amish, her late husband’s niece, Morgan, lands on her doorstep. 
Rebecca tries to help the troubled teenager sort out her problems, but Jeremiah has very different ideas about how this should be achieved. 
Will the relentless aggravation of this rebellious teen and the constant reminder of the intense love that Rebecca had for her late husband be enough to drive away Jeremiah? 
Will Rebecca's desire to help her niece lose her a second chance at love? 

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Morgan, a tattooed girl with a past, and Amish man Jacob, have fallen in love. Having been caught up in a whirlwind romance, neither one of them has faced what is now standing between them. 
One of them must choose to leave their past life behind them in order to create a life together. 
Knowing that Jacob's sisters have found out about her past, Morgan wonders if she will ever be accepted by Jacob's family. 
Will Jacob leave the only life he has ever known as well as his faith for an uncertain future in the English world to be with Morgan? 

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