"Amish Maids" series

Book 1 in the #1 BEST SELLING "Amish Maids" series "The Amish Nanny"

Olive Hesh and her friends have no husbands, so in order to contribute to their Amish families, Olive decides they should work as maids. When the fancy Sonia Worthington and her grandson, Leo, meet Olive, Sonia offers Olive a lucrative job as her grandson's nanny and will not take no for an answer. 
The handsome widower, Blake Worthington, is furious with Sonia's impulsive decision to employ Olive. 
Is Blake's continual anger toward Olive because he does not want her there, or is something else causing his anger? 
Will Olive be able to keep her new job looking after the young Leo Worthington whom she adores? 

Amish girl, Jessie Miller, has taken a job as a maid at a local B&B. Believing she has no prospect of a husband in the Amish community, she develops feelings for Donovan, an Englisher. Jessie is sure that God's plan is for Donovan to join the community. 
Jessie's friend, Olive, thinks her brother is perfect for Jessie and sets about to match them together. 
Besides seeing Olive's brother, Elijah, as too quiet and serious, Jessie suspects there is a reason why other women in the community have by-passed him in their search for a husband. 
What will Jessie do when she grows closer to both men, only to find that her choice becomes harder? 

When Claire Schoneberger looses one job as a maid, she finds another with a wealthy English man. 
Claire learns that the handsome and single Englisher has a reputation for being a flirt and a heartbreaker. 
After a rocky start, Claire sees a different side of the Englisher and is sure he has been misjudged. However, things change when Claire hears even more rumors of his activities and determines to distance herself from him. 
When the Englisher faces a near death experience, he assures Claire that he is a changed man. 
Claire wants to believe him, but can a leopard truly change his spots? 
Is the English man telling Claire only what she wants to hear? 

Amish girl Lucy Fuller is concerned about many things, particularly the diminishing Amish farmland in Lancaster County. 
When the handsome Joshua Hershberger returns from his long rumspringa, Lucy fights her attraction to him since he was once betrothed to her older sister. 
Lucy assumes that Joshua has returned to take back control of his late parents’ farm, but what will she do when she finds that he has not come back to re-join the community? 
And worse, that he is intending to sell his many acres of farmland to one of the land developers? 

According to Amy Yoder's parents, being an Amish girl of twenty with no man on the horizon is not a good thing. 
Amy's father, a deacon, believes he has found a suitable match in a small Amish settlement in Augusta, Wisconsin. 
Distraught, Amy is forced to obey her parents, but vows not to like anything about the town, or Andrew Miller, the man she has been sent to meet. 
When Amy meets Andrew, she is pleasantly surprised, but he becomes distant and withdrawn when he learns the intention of her visit. 
How will Amy win Andrew's heart, when it seems everything is against them? 
What will Amy do when she learns what is really keeping them apart? 

With a single eighteen year old daughter, Mr. Yoder, a deacon, and his wife, are delighted when Michael Glick, a new man with a good reputation, comes to their Amish community. 
Meanwhile, the feisty eighteen year old Gabbie Miller has been sent to live with the Yoders to keep her out of trouble. 
Tempers are tested and plans plotted when both girls are instantly attracted to Michael. 
Martha Yoder is distressed and wonders how she can compete with the bright and bubbly Gabbie, when she can barely utter two words when Michael is around. 
What will happen to the girls' friendship when Michael shows a clear preference for one girl?

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In the past, Gabbie Miller has made no friends with her reckless behavior. 
News of a broken engagement prompts her return home, hoping to catch the eye of the man she's always loved. 
When Gabbie arrives home, she finds things are not how she expected. 
Falling into her old ways, Gabbie goes about to manipulate everything and everyone to her advantage.  
When the one man she loves sees straight through her meddling ways, will Gabbie admit what she has done? 
Will Gabbie risk losing the man she loves to put her old ways behind her? 

Amish Life of Lies is a clean Christian Romance.

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