Amish Love Blooms series

Amish Love Blooms Book 1

Amish Rose

Now that Nancy Yoder's sons have both married, she turns her attention to Rose, the oldest of her four daughters. Rose is nearly twenty and, in Nancy's opinion, it's high time she began to look for a husband. 
Rose is caught off guard by her mother's desire that she should marry and marry fast. She tells her mother that love will find her when its ready. 
Soon after their discussion, Rose meets Jacob, the man of her dreams, and the two become close. 
When Rose learns some scandalous news about Jacob, she is devastated and turns to her good friend, Mark. 
Is Mark the man she should be with, or should she give Jacob another chance? 

Book 2
Amish Tulip

Now Rose has married, Nancy Yoder turns her attention to Tulip. Will Nancy need to be so forceful with finding Tulip a husband? After all, Tulip is her smart daughter. While Nancy is occupied organizing community events, Tulip agrees to go on a buggy ride with someone her mother would not approve of, and then meets another man, Wilhem, who is exactly the person she imagined herself with. How will she cancel the first man without hurting his feelings? What if Wilhem finds out that he was not her first choice?
Throughout Tulip's dilemmas, her younger twin sisters make things more difficult.

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Book 3 

Nancy Yoder is thrilled that her two older daughters are married, but she holds out little hope that the twins will listen to her good advice when it comes to choosing a suitable husband. 
As always, Nancy's husband is there to offer her sound advice.
When Daisy suddenly meets a man from out of town, Nancy's plans are thrown into disarray, but she must act quickly when she notices that the other twin, Lily, is starting to keep bad company.
Does Daisy have to choose between the man she loves and staying in the same town as her family?
Will Lily see that the man she likes is totally unsuitable or is she so upset by her sister's sudden lack of attention toward her that she fails to use her better judgment?
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Book 4 

Amish woman Nancy Yoder has managed to get most of her children married. Only Lily, one of the twins, remains. 
Even though many men are interested in Lily, Nancy has her doubts that things will ever run smoothly for her. 
When Lily falls in love with Amish man Elijah Bontrager, she is sure they'll marry.
What will Lily find out about Elijah that will change her mind about him?
Will Nancy ever have all her children married as she hopes?

Book 5 

Nancy is delighted when her sister Nerida asks for help in finding a husband for her oldest daughter, Violet. With Nancy's excellent record she's certain she'll find a man for Violet in no time at all. What will Nancy do when the usually quiet Violet proves difficult?

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Book 6

Amish Willow is the final book in the Amish Love Blooms series and includes Valerie's story.
Trying to live up to her sister's reputation of matchmaking, Nerida tests her skills on Willow, but her efforts cause Willow to leave the family home. 
It's up to Aunt Nancy to fix the mess Nerida has created. 
Willow can't see why they're trying to match her with the quiet and awkward Samuel Troyer. 
When Willow gets a job to have independence, things go dreadfully wrong when the boss's son shows her attention.
Can Willow convince her mother to stop meddling before she is forced to take drastic action of her own?
And, Find out what happens next with Valerie Miller and Ed Bontrager's relationship.
Nancy and Nerida know that Ed and Valerie had dated a long time ago, before each had married other people. 
Since Ed and Valerie lost their spouses years ago, Nancy sets out to learn what is keeping them apart.
When Ed's sister-in-law, Rhonda, comes for an extended stay, Nancy is convinced Rhonda is out to trap Ed into marriage. With the looming threat of another woman, Nancy's matchmaking scheme for Ed and Valerie shifts into high gear.
Without knowing all the facts, will Nancy push too hard and ruin everything?

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