Sunday, 22 October 2017

New Release Boxed Set - 6 Amish Baby Romances

Books 1 - 6 

Save with this great value Boxed Set of six Amish romance baby books, or read Free with Kindle Unlimited. Normal price $14.95 save over 50%. Limited time offer at $6.99 (US)

The selection includes:
The Gambler's Amish Baby
What would be worse than being a widow, expecting a baby, and trying to run a farm alone? 
Amish woman, Libby Wagler, was soon to find out her lazy brother had gambled away his share of their farm.
Brock Harding won half a farm in a poker game. What will he do when he visits the farm to be faced with an angry Amish woman? 
Libby wants nothing more than for the man who cheated her brother to get off her farm. 
However, with the farm failing, could a bad mannered, rough looking cowboy be Libby's answer to prayer?
The Promise
On hearing the tragic news that his sister and brother-in-law had suffered a fatal accident, Troy raced to the hospital to take charge of his baby niece, Emily. 
When Troy learns that an amish woman is the one keeping the baby, he vows to take her to court.
Despite the fact that Wendy shows him proof his sister wanted Emily to be raised by her within the Amish community, Troy sets out to convince Wendy that with his money and connections Emily would have a better life with him. 
Can there be a compromise between their two worlds when the two are convinced that Emily would not thrive in the other's care?
When Mary and Hezekiah discovered an abandoned baby on their property, they did what they considered best, which was to keep her circumstances a secret and raise her themselves. 
When Rose turns eighteen and is weeks away from marrying James, she discovers how she came to live with Mary and Hezekiah. Angry that she's been lied to her entire life, Rose tells James she cannot marry him and leaves her Amish community.
Devastated that his future wife has cancelled their wedding, James sets about to look for Rose's birth parents hoping that finding them will help Rose change her mind.
Amish Baby Surprise
Abram returned from his rumspringa glad to be home, but weeks later, when a young lady knocks on the door of his parents' home, he has some explaining to do. 
The young lady, Ida, brings with her proof of a marriage to Abram, and has another surprise entirely. 
Abram has no choice but to accept this woman as his wife, especially as she agrees to join his Amish community. Abram is resentful that he's forced to live a life that he never planned for. 
Weeks later, devastated by Abram's coldness toward her, Ida sees the only thing to do is to leave Abram and the community.
When Abram arrives home to find his wife and unborn child have vanished, he is forced to face his circumstances. What he decides to do will affect the lives of many people.
Amish Baby Gift
Twenty year old Amish girl, Sarah, has to live with the fact that she's accidentally burned down the family home. Sarah stays with her cousins while organising the rebuild for the house. 
One of the builders, Peter King, whom she's known all her life, proposes marriage. Despite having never considered him as a marriage prospect due to his quiet personality and nervous stutter, Sarah agrees to consider his proposal.
Sarah's older sister, Bessie, left the community and had a baby out of wedlock. Bessie returns with her baby, Simone, and asks Sarah to look after the baby.
As Sarah spends more time with Peter, her feelings for him grow, yet Peter suddenly seems uninterested in her. 
Is Peter's lack of interest due to the baby, or is it something to do with the young woman who is staying at his parents' house?
Amish Christmas Baby Gone
Days before Christmas, Jonas and Beth Byler and their six-month-old baby, Zac, are driving in their buggy when it is forced off the road. Beth must rely on hospital staff to help care for baby Zac, who remains by her bed. When Beth wakes the next morning, she finds her baby is missing.

This title is currently available to read free with KindleUnlimited. 

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