Tuesday, 14 February 2017

New Amish Mystery 'Who Killed Uncle Alfie?' Book 11 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries

Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries Book #11

When former Amish man, Uncle Alfie, is found dead, the police are convinced his missing nephew, Jazeel, has murdered him and is on the run.
The woman who was hoping to marry Jazeel turns to Ettie Smith for help.
Ettie soon finds herself unravelling lies, reasons for revenge, and ulterior motives, and they're just from Uncle Alfie's family.
When Jazeel surfaces, he's got some interesting information that will throw new light on the investigation.
Will Ettie discover who killed Uncle Alfie when she's contending with a secretive housekeeper, a hostile rescue cat, and a nosey neighbor?

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