Tuesday, 18 October 2016

NEW Release 'Amish Daisy' Book 3 in the Best-Selling 'Amish Love Blooms' series by Samantha Price

Book 3

Nancy Yoder is thrilled that her two older daughters are married, but she holds out little hope that the twins will listen to her good advice when it comes to choosing a suitable husband.
As always, Nancy's husband is there to offer her sound advice.
When Daisy suddenly meets a man from out of town, Nancy's plans are thrown into disarray, but she must act quickly when she notices that the other twin, Lily, is starting to keep bad company.
Does Daisy have to choose between the man she loves and staying in the same town as her family?
Will Lily see that the man she likes is totally unsuitable or is she so upset by her sister's sudden lack of attention toward her that she fails to use her better judgment?
(Available on kindle and also in paperback through Amazon)

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