Friday, 30 September 2016

New Release 'Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries' Book 9 Amish Barn Murders

Book 9 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries

Amish man, Thomas Strongberg, had fallen off a ladder and is found on the floor of the family barn. After another man is found dead in the same barn, the police begin investigating Thomas' death as a murder rather than an accident.
Thea Hersh was there on the day Thomas died and heard him have a disagreement with an Englischer. When Thea enlists the help of her friend, Austin, to investigate Thomas's death, they are arrested and thrown in jail.
From her prison cell, Thea refuses to talk to anyone, but Ettie Smith.
Can Ettie discover the mystery of the strange lights in the Strongberg barn at night? Were they related to the murders?
Ettie finds that Thomas had a huge secret, and more than one person would benefit from his death. Will she find the real killer in time to save Thea and her friend from long prison sentences?

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