Friday, 30 October 2015

New Amish Mystery Suspense 'Secrets Come Home.'

Mystery Suspense 'Secrets come Home' Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries Book 1

If you loved the Amish Secret Widows' Society series, you'll love the new spin-off series featuring elderly Amish widow Ettie Smith.
Book Description: 
After Ettie Smith's friend, Agatha, dies, Ettie is surprised to find that Agatha has left her a house. During building repairs, the body of an Amish man who disappeared forty years earlier is discovered under the floorboards. When it comes to light that Agatha and the deceased man were once engaged to marry, the police declare Agatha as the murderer. 
Ettie sets out to prove otherwise. 
Soon Ettie hears rumours of stolen diamonds, rival criminal gangs, and a supposed witness to the true murderer's confession. 
When Ettie discovers a key, she is certain it holds the answers she is looking for. 
Will the detective listen to Ettie's theories when he sees that the key belongs to a safe deposit box? 

Available now on Pre-Order (Release date 15th December) 
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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

'Marry by Christmas: The Preacher's Bride' An Historical Western Romance

Pre-Order for Christmas
'Marry by Christmas: The Preacher's Bride' 

An Historical Western Romance 99c
Book Description: 
Marry by Christmas or return to Indiana, is what the deacon has ordered of Reginald Landers, a preacher who has found his calling in the Goldfields of California. 
Reginald had never intended to get married, preferring to focus solely on the Lord's work. 
The deacon's surprise request makes sense when the deacon's single young niece, Emily, arrives. Emily is sweet and kind, everything that a preacher's wife should be, but who is the loud, brash woman she's befriended on the journey? Cassandra is the opposite to Emily, but Reginald finds her strangely appealing. 
With time running out before Christmas, will Reginald be able to fend off the other men who are interested in Emily in time to make his intentions known? 
Will the deacon's threat force Reginald into a hasty decision he might regret forever? 
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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Available now 'Mail Order Bride: Widowed and Expecting'

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Book Description:
Tired of his mother constantly nagging him to marry, Dustin Wright knew there was only one thing to do. He'd find a wife that his mother would not approve of. That would serve her right for constantly meddling! When he picked up one of the Matrimonial News issues that his mother left lying around, his eyes fell on the words 'expecting a child,' Dustin knew he'd found his future wife. Not only would his mother be annoyed that the unborn child was not a relative, but he could also carry on with the life he'd been living while his new wife was busy with the child.
Charity was recovering from the sudden death of her husband. With little money and no prospects, Charity hoped to move West. She placed an advertisement for a husband, and prayed that a kind, mature man that both she and her unborn child could rely upon, would reply.
How long after moving to Dodge City will Charity realize what Dustin is up to?
What will Dustin do when his plan begins to unravel? Why is it that his mother now seems taken with Charity after a rocky start?
Could Dustin have met his match in more ways than one?
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New Amish Romance - My Brother's Keeper

My Brother's Keeper Book #7 in the Amish Misfits series.  With the sole care of Jonah, her autistic brother, Amy co...