Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Now on Pre-Order "Amish Silence" by Samantha Price

Now Available  "Amish Silence" 
Book 5 in the Amish Brides: Historical Romance series.

Book Description: 
Just because someone is deaf doesn't mean they're stupid, and that's how people treated Esther. She could see them roll their eyes and she could sense their irritation when she asked them to repeat themselves.
Esther had suffered a severe hearing loss due to illness as a child. All Esther wanted was to be treated as a normal twenty-five-year-old woman.
She lived life as a recluse and attended very few Amish gatherings.
When a storm damages Esther's house, she is forced to spend time with Amish builder, Devon Hershberger.
Devon and Esther quickly become friends and Esther hopes their relationship might develop into something more. When Devon encourages Esther to go to a doctor about her hearing, Esther’s older brother disapproves and sends Devon away.
Devon makes an effort to see Esther in secret, but is her brother right about Devon only wanting Esther for a wife if she can be healed? 
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