Tuesday, 11 August 2015

New Release 'Mail Order Bride: Second Choice' OUT NOW

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NEW RELEASE clean, Historical Western Romance:
Mail Order Bride: Second Choice
(Book 2 Western Mail Order Brides)
Book Description
Josie was pleased to be heading to Dodge City to marry James. They had only been corresponding for a short time, but Josie knew it was right.
Brock Wright, James' brooding brother, met Josie at the train station.
Josie was immediately attracted to Brock and was delighted to find out that he was single, but knew she must put him out of her mind and concentrate on her husband-to-be.
Things fall into disarray when James's previous girlfriend returns, expecting to marry James.
Josie is devastated as she had come a long way to be married and create a new life.
James is faced with the fact that he has asked two girls to marry him.
What solution will Brock find to ensure that Josie can still get married?
Will Josie find out why Brock is so distant and hostile toward her?

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