Monday, 10 August 2015

New Release Amish 'Second Loves' A Historical Amish Romance between a mature couple.

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'Amish Second Loves'is the fourth book in the Amish Brides: Historical Romance series.
Book Description:
Family members are upset when widower, Michael Stutzman, shows interest in Moira's friend, Selma, an interest which started when Selma came to help with Moira's new baby.
Michael's children believe Selma threatens to take the place of their mother.
Moira is torn between her loyalty to Selma and Michael's deceased wife, who was like a mother to her. Moira wonders whether Michael has forgotten his wife.
Meanwhile, Selma faces struggles of her own. She is uncomfortable with being the cause of so much unhappiness.
Will Selma go back home to her life filled with peace, quiet, and her many cats for comfort, and leave the gentle and kind man she loves?

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