Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Now on Pre-Order "Amish Silence" by Samantha Price

Now Available  "Amish Silence" 
Book 5 in the Amish Brides: Historical Romance series.

Book Description: 
Just because someone is deaf doesn't mean they're stupid, and that's how people treated Esther. She could see them roll their eyes and she could sense their irritation when she asked them to repeat themselves.
Esther had suffered a severe hearing loss due to illness as a child. All Esther wanted was to be treated as a normal twenty-five-year-old woman.
She lived life as a recluse and attended very few Amish gatherings.
When a storm damages Esther's house, she is forced to spend time with Amish builder, Devon Hershberger.
Devon and Esther quickly become friends and Esther hopes their relationship might develop into something more. When Devon encourages Esther to go to a doctor about her hearing, Esther’s older brother disapproves and sends Devon away.
Devon makes an effort to see Esther in secret, but is her brother right about Devon only wanting Esther for a wife if she can be healed? 
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Friday, 14 August 2015

Mail Order Bride: Revenge

This book is a clean western romance.
Book Description: 
When Catherine learns that her brother has been killed, the only thing on her mind is vengeance. When she receives an anonymous letter naming Hank Wright as the killer, she wastes no time in seeking revenge. Lady luck plays into her hands when Hank Wright advertises for a bride. After an exchange of letters, Hank asks Catherine to take the journey to Dodge City where they will be married. Catherine accepts his proposal and comes up with a plan to avenge her brother's death.
Will Catherine go ahead with her plan when she hears different accounts of what happened the day her brother died? Or will the revenge in her heart blind her to the truth that is before her?

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

New Release 'Mail Order Bride: Second Choice' OUT NOW

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NEW RELEASE clean, Historical Western Romance:
Mail Order Bride: Second Choice
(Book 2 Western Mail Order Brides)
Book Description
Josie was pleased to be heading to Dodge City to marry James. They had only been corresponding for a short time, but Josie knew it was right.
Brock Wright, James' brooding brother, met Josie at the train station.
Josie was immediately attracted to Brock and was delighted to find out that he was single, but knew she must put him out of her mind and concentrate on her husband-to-be.
Things fall into disarray when James's previous girlfriend returns, expecting to marry James.
Josie is devastated as she had come a long way to be married and create a new life.
James is faced with the fact that he has asked two girls to marry him.
What solution will Brock find to ensure that Josie can still get married?
Will Josie find out why Brock is so distant and hostile toward her?

Monday, 10 August 2015

New Release Amish 'Second Loves' A Historical Amish Romance between a mature couple.

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'Amish Second Loves'is the fourth book in the Amish Brides: Historical Romance series.
Book Description:
Family members are upset when widower, Michael Stutzman, shows interest in Moira's friend, Selma, an interest which started when Selma came to help with Moira's new baby.
Michael's children believe Selma threatens to take the place of their mother.
Moira is torn between her loyalty to Selma and Michael's deceased wife, who was like a mother to her. Moira wonders whether Michael has forgotten his wife.
Meanwhile, Selma faces struggles of her own. She is uncomfortable with being the cause of so much unhappiness.
Will Selma go back home to her life filled with peace, quiet, and her many cats for comfort, and leave the gentle and kind man she loves?

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Now FREE on Amazon 'A Simple Choice' Amish Romance

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A Simple Choice is now FREE on Amazon
Book Description:
When Kate was 14, the 19 year old Benjamin promised to marry her when she was old enough.
Yet a few years later, Kate finds that Benjamin has married another Amish woman. Why did the honorable Benjamin go back on his word and marry someone else?
Kate's faith is shaken, and she vows to leave the Amish as soon as she is able.
After four years living in the Englisch world, Kate feels neither Amish nor Englisch.
To make matters worse, living away from the community and away from Benjamin has done nothing to lessen Kate's feelings for him.
Kate asks God to grant her a husband, yet never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined the way in which this unfolds.

New Amish Romance - My Brother's Keeper

My Brother's Keeper Book #7 in the Amish Misfits series.  With the sole care of Jonah, her autistic brother, Amy co...