Thursday, 25 June 2015

Free today only 'Trading Places' (Amish Romance) Book 1 in the 'Amish Twin Hearts' series.

Free today on kindle: 
'Trading Places' is Book 1 of the 'Amish Twin Hearts' series. 

Book Description: 
How could identical twins be so different? The selfish and spoiled Isobel was brought up in the English world by her mother, whereas the sweet and shy Emma was brought up in the Amish community by her grandmother. 
The twins meet for the first time without anyone knowing, on their eighteenth birthday. Isobel persuades Emma to change places for six months, but how does each cope in the other’s world while still keeping their secret? 
What does Emma do when she returns to her Amish community to find Isobel, still masquerading as Emma, about to get married to Hosea, the Amish boy she has loved forever? 

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