Thursday, 25 June 2015

Free today only 'Trading Places' (Amish Romance) Book 1 in the 'Amish Twin Hearts' series.

Free today on kindle: 
'Trading Places' is Book 1 of the 'Amish Twin Hearts' series. 

Book Description: 
How could identical twins be so different? The selfish and spoiled Isobel was brought up in the English world by her mother, whereas the sweet and shy Emma was brought up in the Amish community by her grandmother. 
The twins meet for the first time without anyone knowing, on their eighteenth birthday. Isobel persuades Emma to change places for six months, but how does each cope in the other’s world while still keeping their secret? 
What does Emma do when she returns to her Amish community to find Isobel, still masquerading as Emma, about to get married to Hosea, the Amish boy she has loved forever? 

Sunday, 14 June 2015

'Arranged Marriage' New Release Amish Historical Romance

NEW RELEASE 'Arranged Marriage'is Book 1 in the Amish Brides: Historical Romance series.

Book Description: 
In this historical Amish romance, Miriam Shantz arrives in America from Switzerland, she is to marry Amish man, Adam Stutzman.
Adam's family had moved to America many years before, and it was they who had encouraged the Shantz family to follow.
With only vague memories of Adam, Miriam goes along with her parents' plans of the marriage until she sees the tall young Amish man, Stephen Williams. Stephen and Miriam forge a friendship when he takes the family by covered wagon on the journey from the port of Pennsylvania to the Stutzmans' farm in Earltown.
When Miriam is reacquainted with Adam, she finds he is not the same person she remembered, and this sparks rebellion within the normally quiet Amish girl.
With encouragement from Stephen, she finds the courage to tell her parents that she cannot go through with the arranged marriage to Adam.
Once Miriam is released from her obligations, will she find that Stephen is everything she hoped?
Will Miriam regret calling off the marriage to Adam when she learns that one cannot always rely upon first impressions? 

Thursday, 11 June 2015

FREE for a limited time, 'The Amish Widow' by Samantha Price (Amazon Kindle)

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'The Amish Widow'is FREE for the next two days on Amazon (kindle version).
Book Description:
Newly widowed Amish woman, Emma Kurtzler, has little time to grieve before she discovers that someone is trying to force her from her farm. The man who had the lease on her farm is found murdered shortly after informing Emma of his intention to break the lease. In an effort to both save her farm, and avoid becoming a suspect in the man's murder, Emma sets out to get to the bottom of things. Emma befriends a group of Amish Widows and quickly discovers that there is more to these sweet Amish ladies than meets the eye when they willingly help her with her investigations. In the midst of Emma's troubles she is drawn to Wil Jacobson, a friendly neighbour, but can she trust this man who is trying his best to win her heart?

New Amish Romance - My Brother's Keeper

My Brother's Keeper Book #7 in the Amish Misfits series.  With the sole care of Jonah, her autistic brother, Amy co...