Sunday, 29 March 2015

New Release Book 10 "Amish Secret Widows' Society" series

One of Ettie’s estranged daughters, Myra, turns up unexpectedly on Ettie’s doorstep. Myra, who ran away from the Amish as a teen, tells Ettie that her husband of ten years, Peter Davis, has disappeared without a trace. When Myra went to file a missing person’s report she found that the person she knew as Peter Davis did not exist. The widows agree to help Ettie’s daughter and enlist the assistance of Detective Crowley. While the widows try to find Peter, they discover that he is involved in a web of secrets affecting the lives of many people. 
Will Myra continue to look for her missing husband even though her life is threatened if she continues? Is this complex case of the missing Peter Davis going to be the one case that the widows and Detective Crowley can’t solve? 

Monday, 16 March 2015

New Release "Amish Romance Short Story Boxed Set"

New Release for March

Amish Romance Short Story BOXED SET  0.99c on KINDLE

These five Amish Romance short stories are no longer sold separately. Four of these titles were previously released under the bundle "Amish Romance Short Stories," which has been replaced by this great value Boxed Set. 

This Amish Romance Boxed Set includes: 
The Englisher Girl 
The Other Road 
Amish Runaway Bride 
Amish Love Interrupted 
The Middle Son 

The Englisher Girl 
Beatrice, an Englisher, is forced to stay in the Amish community with her cousin Delia’s family. Beatrice warms to the community and has thoughts of staying on. 
Delia sets out to match her English cousin with an Amish boy hoping Beatrice will stay. 
Delia decides to match Beatrice with the handsome Jeremiah Zook, without knowing that Beatrice and Jeremiah had a tumultuous relationship while Jeremiah was on his rumspringa. 
Will Beatrice risk her heart with Jeremiah again, or will the quiet and shy Jared, the family’s farm hand, be the one who wins her heart? 

The Other Road: 
Milly was born Amish but left the community to pursue a career as a teacher. 
After retirement Milly returns alone, to live near her old community. Milly reflects on her life and the choices she has made. 
What if she’d stayed in the community and married, rather than stay single and devoted to her career? 
Milly has a chance meeting with the now single Eli Graber, the only man she ever loved. Can Eli forgive Milly for leaving him all those years ago? 
Or will the decisions of the past affect Milly’s happiness forever? 

Amish Love Interrupted: 
Celia was looking forward to a month alone while she looked after her newly married friend's house. 
What she didn't know was that her friend's husband had arranged for someone to do work on the house. 
That person was none other than Mark Hilty, the man who had jilted her one year ago. 
Celia is still upset that he changed his mind about marrying her. 
Annoyed with herself for still being attracted to this man, Celia considers returning home and not staying on for the month as she promised her friend. 
Will Celia and this man come to terms with their differences, or will Celia lose her heart once more to the handsome and annoying Mark Hilty? 

Amish Runaway Bride: 
It’s not easy being the bishop’s daughter as Joanna knows first hand. Joanna’s parents decide that she should marry Samson Troyer, the son of their good friends. 
Joanna decides she would rather run away than marry someone she does not love. 
When conditions do not improve, Joanna runs away to stay with a relative who left the Amish some time ago. 
While she is staying with the relative Joanna meets a boy she was once keen on who is now on his rumspringa. 
In the midst of Joanna getting reacquainted with the boy, Samson arrives and tries to persuade Joanna to return with him. 
Will Joanna stand her ground and refuse to return, or will she return with Samson and comply with her parents' wishes and marry someone she does not love? 

The Middle Son 
Rusty Guengerich has been in a buggy accident. While he waits for his wife and children to visit him in the hospital, he reflects on his life and his loves. 
For the first time, he tells someone how he was teased as a child for his bright red hair and how he was disadvantaged by being the middle son. 
Who is the nurse with whom Rusty has shared his secrets? 
How does the nurse change his life forever? 

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